" Chardonnay "

Grape variety: Chardonnay 100%
Soil hilly soils of Pliocene and Holocene origin with clayey soil rich in calcareous skeleton and travertine
Vine training system Cordon trained simple
Vine density 5000 vines per hectare
Grape yield 6000 kg per hectare
Harvest end of August
Crushing destemming with partial crush of the berries
Fermentation in steel tanks, controlled temperature
Temperature maceration: 8°C; fermentation: 19°C
Duration around 18 days
Maceration on the skins 24 hours, 8°C
Malolactic fermentation no
Maturation 6 months in steel
Bottle ageing 1 month
Initial serving temperature 12-13°C

The Chardonnay is a “difficult” vineyard, that must be trained with passion. It is never generous in quantity and it is usually prone to illnesses, but with skilled hands and suitable terroirs, it can give birth to a great wine.

The main characteristics of the Chardonnay of Borgo Santinovo are its aroma of yellow fruit and its structure. It is a young wine, its vinification takes place in steel and only 750 bottles are produced.