" Sangiovese & Merlot "

Grape variety: 90% Sangiovese; 10% Merlot
Soil Hilly soils, pliocene-holoceneorigin. Rich structure, mainly composed of clay, limestone and travertine.
Vine training system cordon trained simple
Vine density 5.000 vines per hectar
Grape yield 7000 kg per hectare
Harvest first week of October
Crushing destemming with partial crushing of the berries
Fermentation in steel tanks; controlled temperatures
Temperature fermentation: 26-29 °C
Duration fermentation/maceration: 15 days
Maceration on the skins
Malolactic fermentation spontaneous
Maturation 60% in steel tanks; 40% aged for 12-18 months in oak barrels
Bottle ageing 4 months
Initial serving temperature 16-18 °C

It is the typical expression of the Tuscan wine, of one of the most famous dualism in the wine’s world: Tuscany and Chianti, the former being the expression of the latter, and why not… viceversa also.

The Chianti Colli Senesi “Tardivo” D.O.C.G. is born inside this dualism; it is the classic expression of its mother earth. A brief story of the name “Tardivo” (“delayed”): it does not refer to a “late” grape harvest, nor to a particular fermentation procedure, but to the long time that the Taddei family dedicated to this wine, as expression of their Tuscan will and soul, before selling the very first bottle.

Today the company produces 13.500 bottles of 0,750 lt.

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