From grapes we have wine, from the best dregs we have Grappa del Chianti.

Immediately after the racking, dregs of Sangiovese and Merlot are carefully packed and transferred to the small distillery A&G, near to Borgo Santinovo. Here the distiller Mauro takes the dregs to the stills (alambics) to be distilled with great attention with the traditional method called bain-marie.
At the beginning of spring, after a rest of 4 months into steel thanks, the white grappa is bottled and ulteriorly refined for other 4 months between the darkness and tranquillity of the cellar.  A small part of the distilled is put into small oak barrels for a period of 6 months. This process allows the product to gain the classic golden colour and, at the same time, to reach a perfect harmony between its own aroma and vanilla-flavoured notes of oak.